Free Robux Codes Explained

The only way to get free Robux is to use our Roblox Robux codes.

What Are Free Robux Codes?

Have you heard of Roblox gift cards? Roblox gift cards are like digital vouchers which you can redeem on your Roblox account for a certain amount of Robux. Once you redeem the card you will receive robux. Every Roblox gift card has a unique Robux code. To successfully redeem a Roblox gift card, you will be asked to enter that code you received with the card. Well, here on RobloxFreeRobux.Codes we are offering those robux codes for free, if you are wondering how, please read our about page. These codes are the Free Robux Codes.

How To Get Free Robux Codes

Now that we know what Roblox robux codes are let’s see how to get them. We have access to a huge database of unused free robux codes. So to get free robux, just activate our free robux codes generator and choose your desired codes. You will find the instructions on how to use the tool to get free robux codes below the generator. If by any chance you got confused or something is not working for you, feel free to contact us anytime and we will help you out.

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How To Get Free ROBUX

This is a guide on how to get free ROBUX, Robux codes or a membership on ROBLOX.

First off, free ROBUX does exist, but you need to do work for it.

We collected the best ways to get free ROBUX!

Get Free Robux Scripting or Building

If you’re good with building or scripting, this can be one of the biggest ways to make Robux. Builders and Scripters are always in high demand among groups and wealthy individuals. Scripting or Building for someone is a great way to hone your skills while you make a lot of Robux. Scripting contracts can be extremely profitable, and a good scripter can often make 5,000-10,000 Robux from a single contract, with larger contracts sometimes reaching 20,000 Robux. Building can also be very profitable, but usually less so than scripting. A good builder can usually net 1,000-2,000 for a contract, with larger contracts easily entering the 5,000-10,000 Robux range.

Group Plaza

Finding clients for building or scripting contracts can be challenging for those who don’t know where to look, but there are a number of places where you can find clients easily. The best of these places is the “Group Recruiting Plaza” by ClanAtlas. The Plaza is a great place to look for users who have recently created a group and are looking for builders or scripters to help set their group apart from everyone else.

Get Robux With Graphic Design

While scripting and building have the largest market, there’s also a large market for users who are skilled in Art or Graphic Design. Many users make their fortune with graphic design by creating game thumbnails, group logos, advertisements, game icons, hat/gear retextures, or custom commissions. Groups are always looking for custom logos, icons, thumbnails and advertisements. Pay for graphic design is generally less than building or scripting, averaging between 100-500 Robux per contract, with larger jobs reaching upwards of 1,000-2,000 Robux.

Finding clients is quite easy for graphic design, and it is always in heavy demand, good places to look for prospective clients include the “Clans & Groups” section of the forums, the Group Recruiting Plaza, or the “Let’s Make a Deal” section of the forums. Good clients are usually owners of small groups, or individuals looking for game art or custom commissions.

Get Robux For Clothing Design

Another profitable form of graphic design is Clothing Design. Clothing Design is a profitable business that’s incredibly easy to get into. And can easily give you a nice passive source of Robux income. There are two primary methods to making money with clothing design, you can design and sell your own clothing to make a passive income, or you can design clothing for groups or other users for an upfront payment. The latter method can net you anywhere between 100-500 Robux per design, and can be a good way to make a quick bit of Robux. The former method can provide you with less immediate Robux, but will give you a small passive income, which can be used to supplement income from other sources such as building or scripting.

Trade Currency (Depreciated)

The Roblox Trade Currency is a great tool for consistently making a small amount of Robux. Many users can consistently make 40-60 Robux daily with it, and some users can reliably make even more, sometimes making 100-200 Robux in a day, simply by leveraging the trade currency’s natural fluctuations. However, in order to make Robux with the trade currency, you’ll need to already have some robux on hand. Those who make more than 20-30 Robux a day with it usually have over 2,000 Robux in their account already. The more Robux you already have, the more you can make with the trade currency.

Using the trade currency to make a profit is simple and easy. The exchange rate fluctuates a bit throughout the day (e.g. 19:1 around noon, 20:1 around midnight), you can leverage these fluctuations by trading your Robux into tickets when the rate is at it’s daily peak, either by using a market order during the peak, or by setting up a limit order beforehand. Then when the Tickets:Robux rate is at it’s lowest for the day, you can trade it back, and make a little bit of Robux. As an example, say you trade 2,000 Robux at a rate of 20:1, turning it into 40,000 Tickets (20 tickets for 1 Robux), you then wait until the rate is at 19:1, and trade your tickets for Robux, recieving 2,105 Robux, effectively making 105 Robux doing almost nothing.

Get Robux Selling Limited Items

Limited Items are Roblox items (like Hats or Gear) where there are only a limited number of that item available. There are two types of Limited Items, normal Limited Items start as normal items, but eventually become limited, meaning that you can no longer buy that item new, users can then sell their copies of that item for Robux, or trade the item to other users. Whereas “Limited-U” items are items where only a set number are sold before they become limited, after that, users who bought the item can sell it for Robux, or trade it to other users.

Limited Items can be extremely profitable, they’re great as long-term investements which usually gain value over time. For example, if you bought a Limited-U item (Like the ‘Skull Bandit’) in 2010 for 13 Robux, after all the original copies were sold, the value could jump to 100 Robux. You could sell it then and get a bit of Robux, or you could wait and see if the value rises. Sometimes the value of a limited item will grow over time, wheras some limited items will stay around the same price for years. The Skull Bandit is an example of a Limited-U item that grew in value over time. It was originally priced at 13 Robux, jumped to 100 Robux shortly after all original copies were sold, and has since risen in value to nearly 8,000 Robux. However, some limited items never rise in value, or lose value rather than gain it. Limited Items that lose value or don’t gain value are usually items which sold a very large number of copies, items which are of low-quality or items which were disliked by many people.

Get Robux for Sharing ROBLOX with your friends

You can get a small amount of ROBUX whenever your friend buys ROBUX if he made an account through your personal link.

What is your personal link? Roblox gives you a link that you can give to friends. If sign up with that account and buy Robux, you get some Robux for free.

Get Robux For Game Creation

Game creation is the riskiest way to make Robux, and takes the most work, but it can also be the most profitable. Creating a profitable game requires experience in scripting, building, graphic design, and marketing. High-quality games are always in demand on Roblox, and there are a number of users who’ve learned to capitalize on this. Popular games can be extremely profitable, and can rake in insane amounts of Robux, sometimes earning more than 500,000 Robux in a single day, which is over twenty times more than even the biggest scripting contracts can get you. If you’re wondering how to get Robux on Roblox, Game creation can be one of the biggest moneymakers out there.

However, creating a game doesn’t come without it’s risks. Many games are never finished, as they require a large amount of time and effort to create and market, and a large number finished games never make any Robux, due to bad marketing, or sub-par gameplay. But when a game does do well, it sometimes does so spectacularly, making more Robux than anything else in this guide. You can also create multiple smaller or more casual games in order to generate a passive source of income from a small number of daily visits.

Do surveys on a survey site for Robux (13+)

There are paid surveys sites that pay you ROBUX/Roblox gift cards if you fill out surveys.

Surveys are pretty easy, and it should not be hard to reach 5 dollars in points at most sites.

Join the Builders Club and get Robux every day

Join more than the standard 5 groups. Build places, socialize with others and fight in games. Groups are a great way to communicate with others.

Receive a daily allowance of Robux depending on your level of Builders Club. Use this to change your username, purchase items in the catalog and endless other things!

You can trade limited and rare items, hats and faces.

Access exclusive bonus gear available for Builders Club members only that you can use in games.

Create and sell your own creations to other Roblox players and receive a commission in Robux to spend on whatever you like.

Sick and tired of ads? Enjoy a smooth gameplay experience with no more ugly ads on Roblox.

How to get free robux easy?

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There are numerous methods for making Robux in Roblox, from Scripting & Building to Trading & Graphic Design, these were some of the most effective or popular methods for getting Robux. Whether you’re a graphic designer, scripter, builder, or just use the trade currency, this guide can help you make Robux using your specific set of skills.